It’s Tuesday afternoon and the final-final print version of this week’s Music Board has been put to bed. Live rock, jazz, punk, metal, bluegrass, country, soul, etc. from this Wednesday through next Tuesday. As usual, it’s about as inclusive and informative as we can possibly make it. Inevitably, a few events fall through the cracks each week. Usually, they’re gigs that hit the music desk waaaaaay past deadline (Fridays at 5 p.m.) or not at all.

It’s the “not at all thing” that’s most bothersome to this music editor — especially in the case of busy Charleston bars who regularly feature live music and DJs. While most venues are on top of things enough to call, e-mail, of fax us a weekly or monthly schedule (and updates), some we never hear from at all. When contacted, no one at these place even seems to know who’s playing tonight, much less over the next week or two.

Johnson’s Pub (located at 12 Cumberland St., 958-0662) is a good example. Last year, the owner of the popular pizza bar used to let us know who was playing and when … whether he advertised or not. Now, even the bartenders and sound guys haven’t clue who’s up on what night. Their page on Myspace ain’t much help, either. Occasionally, we hear about live music from the bands who book shows — sometimes before deadlines, sometimes after. It’s a shame. Right now, the only Johnson’s Pub gig I know about is Overstood on June 15…

Bands: if you’ve scheduled a show somewhere in town — double-check with us about it and send us the details. Please assume the venue won’t bother to tell us about the big show. Our Music Board offers a free listing. Our readers rely on it weekly. Let us know who, when, and where. (Contact the music desk by e-mail at