Trevor Erickson

The Music Farm hosts a fancy fund-raiser on Sun. Dec. 5. The Benefit for Trevor Erickson will be an evening of “multi-arts entertainment” replete with music, art, food, and special performances.

A former Marine, Erickson is a local actor, choreographer, and personal trainer with an extensive background in martial arts. He founded the Charleston-based production company Clandestine Films. His most recent acting role was as Henry Felder, Jr. in the play Captain Felder’s Cannon and the film adeptation, All for Liberty. He was seriously injured in a recent automobile accident.

The all-ages event at the Music Farm will include a fashion show, hula-hooping, belly dancing, roller derby girls, and kung fu. Musical acts include Bianca & Page, Zadrina Dunning, N4RED, Taiko Drum Group, All Good Citizens, Ben Fagan & Friends, Dan Wright, and Casey Atwater.

Tickets are available for $10 in advance and $12 at the door. VIP tickets $50 or $75 for two includes loft seating, wine, and gourmet fare. See for more.