[image-1] To kick off the school year with a bang, Music Farm is hosting an annual all-ages event, “College of Charleston’s Back to School Party in the Den” on Aug. 24. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the music starts at 9 p.m.

The event will give students the chance to check out three new talents in South Carolina: Community Pool, Never Better, and the Long Con.

The Charleston-grown band Community Pool is an exciting new dream pop group. Debuting back in May with their first two songs, “Roses” and “Trip,” there’s a special sense of polish.

“We have sort of an ever-evolving live show. It’s always a little different and always pretty immersive,” says Matt “Ice” Varner when asked about the upcoming performance. “We’ve played a few shows over the past few months and I feel that we’re really starting to dial in exactly what we are and the experience we aim to give.”

What began as a side project for Varner, is now in full flight. Cruise on up to get your fill of ’80s inspired synth waves, top down in a Ferrari Daytona Spyder.

Hailing from Columbia, the Long Con is a stoner rock band with a unique energy. Nicolasa Dobe fronts the group with dark, howling vocals. Guitarist Gabe Crawford creates an atmospheric sound that feels heavy while riffing along. Preston Hall is always present, keeping it loud and proud on drums. This group is most interesting when playing their own take on songs like Cher’s “Believe.”

From Charleston, Never Better is fresh on the scene. After playing their debut show back in June, their name is starting to pop up all around. Amongst his many other musical projects, frontman and songwriter DJ Edwards is passionate about this band. One listen to their last single, “Be Here,” and his fervor is evident. Their energy on stage is contagious and their sound is loud. Though remaining powerful, Never Better is melodious in every original and cover, alike.

Tickets for the back-to-school shindig in the den are $5, a price that even college students can afford.