So Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant. 50 years ago this would have meant the daughter would have been sent away to have the baby as to not bring shame on the family- now it doesn’t even stop the mother from running for Vice-President. And while I don’t think this specifically shows that Mrs. Palin would be unable to run the country, the fact that she is encouraging her 17 year old daughter to marry the father is borderline insane. That is not the prudent nuanced decision I want someone running the country making. Is there going to be an Engaged and Underage White House edition on MTV. God Save us.

Why did he pick her? To uphold his Maverick image? Well, successful there. To siphon off some of the female vote? Someone supporting Hillary Clinton would in no way vote for Sarah Palin. Why just because she’s a woman? Black people still hate Clarence Thomas and Condoleezza Rice. You might as well assume people walking out of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 would love The Descent. It’s just plain stupid. Do we want someone making stupid correlations running the country?

I personally don’t care if Sarah Palin’s kid has a kid. The real problem is with McCain. Picking a Vice President is the first major policy decision of his administration. He’s picking his confidant, his successor, someone who is going to travel and speak on his behalf, and The Daily Kos did a better job vetting her then he did.

With this pick McCain made himself look like a child. And for someone as old as he is, that is not an easy thing to do.