Charleston is the most amazing place to film a movie. Why are there not more companies coming to Charleston to film movies? We get to see all the independent movies each year. Charleston should be the setting or location for the telling of these movies. Charleston has a fantastic film community — great actors, designers, crew, and support. With historic streets, amazing vistas, beaches, and locations that could look like numerous countries, it’s an ideal place to set up shop. Add to that the cultural diversity and the many layers of the arts community, and Charleston can be a great setting for a riveting story. Combine all of the above with affordable lodging and food and ease of transport (compared to Toronto, London, or Los Angeles), Charleston and the Lowcountry should be leading the Southeast film community. But it’s all about money. Films go where the financial incentives are best. Filmmakers will change the look of a country or a time period, just because the production incentives are available. I once worked on a film in Toronto that was supposed to be Vietnam. It was 5 degrees out and snowing. It made no sense! We can lead the way with tax incentives at state and local levels. These will prove financially worthwhile for the film community to come to Charleston. This will bring money into our community. Hotels, restaurants, crews, caterers — all offer local community support. Several levels of crews will then grow out of this renewed film business, and more and more independent film companies and studios will come to rely on Charleston. Then we will be able to show the next great independent film made in Charleston at the Terrace Theater.