Here’s my unscientific, completely irrational, and wholly subjective list of favorite performances (in the theater/opera/dance arena). They are ranked from highest number (I liked and respected it) to the lowest number (I loved and adored it, recommended it to everyone I saw and even those I didn’t).

Please argue with me all you want. That’s what lists are for in my view. However, keep in mind this is my heart talking.

1. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

2. Low Tide Hotel (yes, this is a Piccolo Spoleto performance)

3. Amistad

4. Monkey: Journey to the West

5. La Cenerentola

6. Shantala Shivalingappa

7. I Live Next Door to Horses (another Piccolo event)

8. Boston Ballet

(above image is Sabrina Mandell of Low Tide Hotel by the Maryland’s Happenstance Theater and Paul Barritt, smoking a candy cigarette, of 1927 who performed Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea)