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Ryan Hanifin’s latest project, My Life as a Dog. released its debut album, Borders, on Spotify, Bandcamp and SoundCloud on Feb. 12. The cosmic-sounding LP is a collection of tales and experiences from Hanifin’s five-year journey from Texas to Brooklyn to Charleston.

However, there is more exploration in Hanifin’s project than just physically leaving home. “Boundaries are a recurring theme throughout the album,” Hanifin said in a press release. “Whether geographical borders or emotional separations, I wanted to articulate what it feels like to pursue the unfamiliar in new places and relationships.”

Borders is an alternative-rock album that takes the listener through the emotions of leaving home and going into the curious world. There is a somber and upbeat feel to the collection, as Hanifin reminisces on where he’s been while looking forward to new adventures to come.

Listeners can connect with Hanifin through his vulnerable lyrics, admitting doubt in his choices but also showing excitement for the future. He as the true mindset of a traveler. Hanifin has promised to donate portions of the first week’s sales of the album to the Dementia Society of America.