Every neighborhood has its players — its characters, if you like  — and Myrtle Manor is no different. What does make Myrtle Manor different is that its residents are followed around by a camera crew for the TLC showTrailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor, which has its second season premiere tonight at 10 p.m.
We checked in with Becky Robertson, the general manager and cast member of Myrtle Manor, about the second season and how life has changed around the homestead. “I grew up in a trailer park,” Robertson says. “This is my life on a daily basis. This is how I grew up, so it’s — you know — it’s entertaining to people, but it’s just all in me.”
The second season promises the same old antics but with some new people. There’s Brock, the handy man. “Ohh honey, he is hot, let me tell you,” cast member and general manager of Myrtle Manor Becky Robertson says. “He is not bad on the eyes at all. He is so cute, and bless his heart he doesn’t even know he’s cute. He’s always laughing and smiling.”
Another additional cast member is Kim, who’s lived at Myrtle Manor for years. Robertson says, “Kim she is a hoot. She is a party waiting to happen. She is so funny. She will open her mouth and before she finishes a sentence you are just dying laughing. She just has that great personality.”
And Robertson couldn’t give too much away about what to expect in the second season, but she did promise some laughs. “If you can’t laugh at something in every episode, then you’ve got some issues. It’s your own fault,” she says.
She also let us know that Myrtle Manor is open to the public, and they try to have at least one cast member around at all times.