[image-1]Nameless Numberhead, the comedy duo comprised of Maari Suorsa and Henry Riggs, launches a new sketchy comedy showcase starting on Sat. Nov. 26 at Theatre 99 at 10 p.m. Get your tickets here.

You may be familiar with Nameless Numberhead’s monthly rotating show, RIP City, which aims to bring new and upcoming local comedians to the spotlight. Their new series, Nameless Numberhead and Friends, will feature two guest stand-up comedians/sketch artists and a musician who will play his/her original work each month. Nameless Numberhead and Friends’ debut will feature (besides the title act, of course), Vernon Moses, Jason Groce, and Mechanical River.

Vernon Moses is actually not some dude named Vernon, but another sketch duo, whose real names are Deshawn Mason and Jon Antoine. Jason Groce is a comedic regular at Theatre 99, and has practiced improv with the troupe since 2005. For seven years he’s perfected his stand-up comedy and traveled nationally to open for some big names, most recently last week opening for Demetri Martin. Mechanical River will provide some of their lo-fi folky music. Every instrument is performed by Joel Hamilton, and you can check out his debut album Astral Castle here.