[image-1]Midstate S.C. based blues and R&B artist Napoleon “Nappy” Brown died on Sat. Sept. 20, 2008 at the age of 78. Just a year ago, the State of South Carolina recently declared February 15, 2008 “Nappy Brown Day” in honor of will honor of the singer. In February, Brown visited Chapin High School (in his home town, near Columbia) to receive the proclamation and spoke to the students as part of Black History Month. [image-2]

Born in Charlotte and raised in the S.C. midlands, Brown came up singing blues and gospel. In the 1950s, he began working with the Savoy label, scoring several hits on the Billboard R&B charts. He wrote and recorded a hit titled “Night Time Is The Right Time,” best remembered as a hit for Ray Charles. He continued to tour and perform at festivals and blues events around the world — including the Lowcountry Blues Bash.

[image-3]He released recent recordings on the acclaimed roots/blues record label Blind Pig Records — his latest was titled Long Time Coming.

Blind Pig President Edward Chmelewski said this week, “It was so gratifying to be able to bring attention to such a deserving but unrecognized legend in American music and to see how happy it made him. We feel honored and grateful to have worked with and documented the art of one of the most outstanding and important musicians of the past 50 years.”