[image-4] The weekend before the 2016 election, Scott Duncombe, Katie Harlow, and Noah Manger noticed how long the lines were at early voting locations. Shortly after a Twitter handle, website, and simple mission statement was born: “Give pizza to the people. And give people watching at home a way to help.”

What started at just a few polling places in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois quickly transformed into a nationwide effort. By the morning of Election Day, Pizza to the Polls (a 501(c)(4) nonprofit) had raised $10,000, with pizza being delivered to long lines of weary voters, paid for by random acts of civic kindness. Since then, the organization has recruited and trained a team of volunteers to order and coordinate the delivery of pizza to polling places around the country.
[embed-1] Since in-person absentee voting started for the 2018 mid term elections, the closest thing we have to “early” voting, Pizza to the Polls has sent 1,037 pizzas to 76 polling places in 16 states with $42, 284 raised and more than $23,000 left to spend. According to Twitter, Pizza to the Polls was hard at work in Mt. Pleasant when an hour-and-a-half line was reported. Ten pies from Amalfi’s were delivered to Sea Coast Church at 3:54 p.m. this afternoon.
[embed-2] So tomorrow, if your excitement about making a difference has you starving, and the lines wrap around your polling place, visit Pizza to the Polls and report your long line location. Then click the donate button and keep paying it forward, one pie at a time.  [image-5]