[image-1]At noon on Juneteenth, Native Son premiered Restoration: A Concert Film with a streamed concert performance in collaboration with the Acres of Ancestry Initiative and Black Agrarian Fund.

Native Son, the duo of rapper Benny Starr and the Four20’s Rodrick Cliche, recorded the film in just nine days. “We wanted to bring into focus land justice and Restoration is a combination of these live musical performances by us – Native Son – and also these interviews that are interspersed throughout the film that helps to tell these southern stories of land justice,” said Benny Starr.

“This is a point where we need to also bring [land justice] into the conversation when we talk about justice, we are railing for justice on all fronts. Not just simply criminal justice, it’s not simply environmental justice, we are railing for justice on all fronts because we have never seen it. We have yet to see it,” said Starr.

“This is part of [artists’] role that we have in this fight is to be storytellers, to score and illuminate these issues using our medium. So I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish in nine days,” said Starr.

You can catch another showing of Restoration on Sunday at 6 p.m., streamed exclusively on Benny Starr’s Youtube channel and on the Acres of Ancestry Facebook page. It will be available on YouTube next week if you missed the live stream.

The concert was originally filmed at the Charleston Music Hall on June 10 by Love Yours Productions. It features live performances and interviews with Starr and black farmers on the struggle for land justice. The poster was designed by Belove Belogn.