Neckprov begins each show with a prayer followed by an introduction to the seven characters who make up this troupe. Leading the pack are Brandy Sullivan as Carlene Ledbetter and Greg Tavares as Wild Man. Joining them are Brian DeCosta as Dody Roberts, Jason Groce as Chevron McDougall, David Roach as Ray Ray Skeeter, and George Younts as Jackson Seegers. The characters are a serious part of the improv comedy format. The only rules of the show are that everyone has to stay in character, and no one is allowed to sneak in an occasional British accent. The idea was inspired by the wildly popular appearance of Pimprov at the 2007 Comedy Festival. That character-based improv troupe, which featured four pimped-out guys performing improv in character, planted a seed for Sullivan and Tavares, who thought a show rooted in redneckery would lend itself to funny situations. The result has been a big hit, and the group has been performing at Theatre 99 once a month ever since. And don’t bother yelling out “Free Bird.” Skeeter will beat you to it.