This morning we received a phone call from a reader concerning a curious item he found in what he called the “Compost & Courier.”

Now, we don’t think ill of the P&C. We may pick a bit here and there, but quite honestly, I don’t remember the last time we gave them a good ribbing. Oh wait, there was that bit about the cover of each issue of Preview being brown, but we generally keep the P&C trash-talking to a minimum. 

Back to the caller. He wanted us to turn to page 19 in the Preview section of the April 2 issue for a photo for Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler that was sure to offend the Charleston community. Being the type of guy who’s always looking for a new offense, I did. 

And holy cow, it’s hilarious. (Of course, you’ll have to pick up this week’s Preview to see it in print. But if you’re don’t feel like doing that, just go here to see what the photo looks like. And yes, you can read those words quite clearly in the print version of Preview.)

What makes this even more amusing is that we did the exact same thing — and so did countless other media outlets — and we didn’t realize it.

Aronofsky, you clever bastard.