[image-1]As if brown water lovers needed any more encouragement to buy bourbon, here’s one that’s actually for a good cause. Beginning this morning, Bottles liquor store in Mt. Pleasant began their Rare Whiskey Auction, a sale of 12 bottles of whiskey with all of the proceeds benefitting Columbia flood victims through Central Carolina Community Foundation.

Travis Hartong, Bottles’ whole sale manager, says he got the idea after seeing a similar fundraiser in Louisville, Ky. and knew it would be a hit in Charleston.

“Because of the way the bourbons are allocated to stores, people go crazy for them,” he says. “We sell to a lot to restaurants and bars, but they get about 98 percent of the product, so we have to stash a few bottles to sell for retail which is really frustrating for customers.”

The Rare Whiskey Auction gives whiskey lovers a chance to fight over the best of the best. So what’s on the auction block? Of the 12 bottles, there’s an 18 year old Elijah Craig Single Barrel, a Willett XCF 1.0 Rye Whiskey finished in Curacao Cask, a Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye Single Barrel, not to mention Pappy van Winkle’s 23 year old Bourbon that already has a bid of $1,200. 

That bid may sound bananas, but Hartong reminds people not to forget how hurt Columbia was by the storm. “There are still people trying to recover,” he says.

Bottles’ Rare Whiskey Auction runs through Dec. 11. To bid, click here.