[image-1] You can join Neema Gallery as they are partner with Artsy, an online fine art platform, for a live webinar Aug. 13 from 11 a.m.-noon. Moderated by Artsy marketing officer Everette Taylor, the discussion will focus on the black experience in the art world.

The live discussion will feature Neema Gallery’s owner, Meisha Johnson, as well as other influential black business leaders and creatives from around the country. These speakers include artist Devin Johnson, Prizm Art Fair director Mikhaile Solomon, Richard Beavers (owner of a gallery of the same name) and Myrtis Bedolla of Galerie Myrtis.

[embed-1] As Charleston's only art gallery exclusively featuring original art by Southern African-American artists, the Neema Gallery has been greatly influential in supporting and showcasing local and regional black creatives’ artwork.
[content-8] The webinar will be focused around discussing three main topics: how the Black Lives Matter movement affects the art world, communities’ role in supporting black creatives and combating racism in the art scene.

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