[image-2] Chef Shamil Velazquez, formerly of Husk Greenville, will helm the kitchen at new Neighborhood Dining Group restaurant, Delaney’s Oyster House, set to open later this summer at 115 Calhoun St. Velazquez says he can already picture diners sitting on one of the two piazzas sipping bubbly and slurping oysters from our local waters. “It will be fun, simple, elegant.”

Set in a 19th century Charleston Single House, Delaney’s will be open for lunch and dinner, serving fruits de mer and ample raw bar offerings alongside “inventive cocktails,” craft beers, and wines inspired by “past and present maritime-influenced climates and terroir from around the world.”

If you Google 115 Calhoun, you may find a landing page for boutique Hotel Bella Grace — this is not that; Neighborhood Dining Group assures us that they’ve fully taken over the spot, and the hotel is no longer utilizing the historic home as a dining space.


Velazquez says that, like all Neighborhood Dining Group restaurants — Husk, McCrady’s, McCrady’s Tavern, and Minero — Delaney’s “will strives to help local farmers.” “It’s our due diligence as chefs to give them a voice,” he says. In addition to S.C. farmers, Velazquez says he’ll explore the entire Southeastern region, seeking out the best seafood and how “different waters affect flavor.”

A Puerto Rico native, Velazquez says he’s excited to work close to the beach. He grew up with fresh seafood and notes that when you have quality product, “it really speaks for itself, you don’t even need to add salt, just two-three ingredients, keep it straightforward.”

The chef says he’s “not trying to do another seafood restaurant in Charleston.” Drawing inspiration from local produce, the history of the 19th century home (diminutive kitchen and all), and even his staff, Velazquez says the menu will be “simple but delicious.” “We’re going to keep it familiar and tight … I want to share my story and see what stories my employees have.”

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