[image-1] No one will ever believe you, but there is a new documentary about Bill Murray. Specifically, about Bill Murray stories. The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man tries to figure out the why behind the Bill.

“Why would such a big celebrity insert himself into these random situations? This is a search for answers,” says the filmmaker, Tommy Avallone, in the trailer. While trying to attribute deeper meaning to Bill Murray’s antics feels like trying to find the meaning of life from a puppy, we posit that the answer is just because he can, but more importantly, because he wants to.

The doc interviews some of the people who were there for some of Bill’s most notorious sightings, including when he crashed a kickball game and an engagement photoshoot. Charlestonians are well aware of Mr. Murray’s shenanigans closer to his adopted home, which have included: crashing a bachelor party, signing a ‘Ghostbusters’ pinball machine, singing “Take Me Out to the Ball game” in the style of Daffy Duck, giving the commencement speech for Ashley Hall, convincing Danny McBride to relocate, you get it.

The new trailer for the doc features local figures like chef Brett McKee, photographer Raheel Gauba, and Mayor John Tecklenburg at a Charleston RiverDogs game.

The feel-good documentary features some great shots of Charleston and promises never-before-seen footage of our most famous resident. The Bill Murray Stories opens in select theaters and will be available online on Oct. 26.