Cameron Westcott (right) released another funky single under his solo moniker, Camintor | Photo by Everett Zuraw

Local multi-instrumentalist and DIY funk-pop purveyor, Caminator, has delivered his fifth single, “20 Years,” on all streaming platforms. His Prince-reminiscent material glides over the senses, grounding the listener with comforting textures. 

“I want to create something that is fresh,” Caminator aka Cameron Wescott told City Paper. “The feeling is familiar but the song itself is not. I’m really getting into a lot of unconventional sounds, dialing some different tones that people don’t really use but they can almost recognize.”

Wescott’s newest lo-fi creation blends quirky synth elements with a Beach-Boys-blaring road trip aesthetic to propel his mood elevating vocals. Chiming frequencies play notes conventionally composed with guitar or string instruments for a modern, spacey feel. 

It just kind of works itself out,” Wescott said of his home made beats. “I go in there and I find sounds and I’ll tweak them a lot, that’s kind of been my process recently.” 

Wescott is a member of Charleston soul funk ensemble, The Psycodelics, which just welcomed local vocalists Kanika Moore of Doom Flamingo) and Harlem Farr to its lineup. The group will play the Black Food Truck Festival April 23 and Music Farm May 7.

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