The State has released love letters (e-mails) from married State Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom to Kelly Payne, a rising star in the state GOP who has been campaigning for state Education Superintendent.

Eckstrom, who says he won’t speak about his personal life, claims he has been separated from his wife for two years. Payne is divorced.

The State leads with the fact that Eckstrom, who is/was expected to run for reelection, is the third member of the state’s powerful Budget and Control Board to fall victim to scandal. The story notes that Eckstrom mentions in the e-mails that he is stepping out of state meetings to take Payne’s calls.

The impact of the letters is unknown, I would certainly say that it does Payne no favors in a crowded GOP primary. That said, it’s going to take a strong candidate for Democrats to pull enough Republican support in the voting booth to get Eckstrom out.

In a quick glance at the extensive e-mails, a few lines stuck out to me, beyond the kissy-kissy stuff:

You’re all I’ve been able to dream of and long for since the “wonderful spark” ignited our dear friendship.

Again with the damn “spark.” Really?!

I think it’s dawned on you that you don’t have time for both me AND FaceBook, so you’ve had to choose one over the other. I understand. I know I’m not nearly as exciting as a social networking site and never will be.

If Facebook advertised, that would have been their commercial.

I love you and always will! I’ve said my piece so will now quit bugging you. Don’t want you to think of me as just another bothersome Andre-type.

So, Bauer is straight?

Just starting Guard duty so you’ll be safe from Muslims today.


For two years I dreamed of you being with me in Washington and other places meeting and dining with government leaders like I did tonight. It’ll take a long time to force that dream from my mind. Maybe I’ll never want it out. You’d have been a natural.

I’ll have more to say about that particular line later.