Long story, so the owner that I was working for basically we closed the med down for two weeks, we took a week to completely renovate. We were open for four days, on day four at 6 a.m., I’m loading the smoker and the owner comes up and says Joe we’re done. What do you mean. The IRS shutting us down, we have close down. They had brought me in to tie the companies together and take them over.

I knew there was some financial trouble, but no idea what was going on. Well, are we gonna make payroll. Yep, this one, but not the next payroll, I had already worked a week for free. Take me off, that will lighten things up for the rest of the staff. Long story short, that’s

They decided to keep the place open for five more days after I left. Awful food, completely just killed every bit of positive we had done with the opening.

Owing me money, my wife money.

Aris Newton 843-442-9700

Tommy Eiserhardt. 843-224-2016

Here’s the erally messed up thing, the IRS told them they had to close down everything. They’re still running the GIbbes, nto very well. I’ve been completely out of the company since FEb.

When they told me all this, we’ll sell you this place for $60,000 at one time that sounded like a great deal, they were like wait a second, what are you buying from them. We looked into things, they don’t have a lease to sell me, because they were so many months behind on their lease they were on the verge of eviction.

They want me to tell the landlord I’m leaving. That doesn’t work. As the months go on, the plot thickens and thickens. THe equipment in the place, is actually so many leans on it, from everybody. 10 months worked for this co. exec. of black jack bbq because Aris and Tommy bought it from Jimmy Hagood, some chain went down, they weren’t getting along or talking to each other. We own this, make a website, running kiosk

six months go by we get a cease and desist not to use Jimmy Hagood’s name anymore. We have a website and everything. I’m geting nowhere with my owners. Sit with guy at Market and I said he gave me the lowdown, neither of my owners or JImmy hagood had paid rent in almost a year. We had already lots the lease to Callie’s Biscuits.

This crazy.

But we had no idea, Lowcountry Eats Aris’, Cafe at the Gibbes opening. One day during renovation, this guy walks in and introduces himself as me as so and so with the IRS. You must be looking for the owners and come back and they have blank looks on their face. Wait a week later to tell me that.

Lured me in there and telling me about their deep pockets. 10 months I worked there, there was only six days I took off, four of which were going to NYC with my wife. I had worked 7 days a week for last 10 months.

Horrible for my reputation. We talked to the landlord, there is so much hair on this deal between my father-in-law who is a commercial developer. But the negotiatiions are 9 different leans on teh same property. Everywhere we turned. Here’s their personal info, here’s their number, I have nothing to do with the ownership of this place. Tryign to make great food and find some kind of cohesion.

It’s working out great. Allison and I are taking over teh Med. We just signed the lease. started construction. We’re adding a bathroom. ADA that’s somethign any restaurant should do. Updating electrical and completely redoing the kitchen and HVAC. Purchasing those thigns through teh IRS. Basically.

I’ve worked some really good people and some really not good people. THe prob is as an exce chef you hit a ceiling, it’s not but $60 or $70, you have to do your own thing. For me and ALlison it made the most sense.

Black Wood Smokehouse. Blackwood one word is allison’s maiden name. Old farmy with antiquey stuff. We want to change the name. So we are going to be doing BBQ, prime brisket, mac n cheese, collards, but on top of that I’m goign to be bringing fresh local fish, smoker centric. wouldn’t.Smash burger, reminiscent of shake shack burger. CHS isn’t a chain friendly place, I think we would. local produce and big salads

Looking for a July 1 opening. FInal OK from the city. Once we finish the bathroom. We’ve had the ball rolling before I even signed teh lease. If it’s not hte first.

The Mac Shack. Something’s coming in the future.  On the back side of normandy.