As promised, wanted to pass on the new name — The Charleston Nasty! There were SO many great possibilities — in the end, Robert decided to go with something simple and to the point.

Contest was crazy — over 400 people sent in ideas. Most entrants submitted multiple names so there were over 1,800 entries to choose from. Ideas definitely ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here’s a sampling of just a few of the possibilities:

1. Hominy-themed: Homina Homina, Hominator, Hominicious Biscuit, Homwrecker, Hominy Hammer, Hominy Hunk

2. Gravy-based: Glutton Gravy, Gravy Train, Smothered Southerner, Smothered Clucker, Gravy Baby, Death By Gravy.

3. Charleston-themed: Poultry & Bess, Porgy & Beescuit, Scourge of King George, Two-ton Charleston, The Joe, Low Country, Big Charleston, Lord Ashley, Dirty Dixie, Riley O’ Biscuit.

4. And others — Kitchen Sink, Slap your Cardiologist, Wear your sweatpants, So Fried Your Momma Cried, Glory Roll, Bombastic, King Coma, Sloppy Jalopy, Chicken Choker, Grubby Grub, Boom-shocka, Hot Mess, Big Raunchy, Chicken Thang, Gnarly Nasty, Hugh Jass, Fat & Sassy, Sloppy Cluck, Large & in Charge.

And, of course, lots of shots at McAlisters — Massively Messy McAlister, Little Legal Matter, Lititgation Biscuit, the Cease & Desist, Big McNasty….