South Carolina’s own Heyrocco released a new song for online streaming yesterday, and it’s the biggest blast of ’90s nostalgia we’ve experienced since Netflix put Good Burger on Instant Stream.

The band has been citing The Cure, Nada Surf, and early Smashing Pumpkins as influences, and all three are on obvious display here. Adding to the nostalgia factor, the song’s blunt lyrics sound like a more foul-mouthed Weezer confessional number, with all the teenage angst you can handle.

“Everyone I knew back in high school / Everyone’s a horny jerk,” vocalist Black Future moans. “Are you gonna make her your girlfriend? / Are you putting her to work? / You should mind your own fucking business / Why’s it even matter to you?”

Golly, we sure don’t miss high school. Thanks for the reminder, Heyrocco!

The band will release the song as a free download on Mon. June 16. Their next Charleston tour date is July 10 at the Pour House.