The South of Broadway Theatre has been quietly building momentum toward bringing opera to Charleston in between Spoleto Festivals.

So far, there have been two exploratory meetings to gauge the level of interest among the city’s classically trained singers for a workshop series intent on providing singer’s with experience of the repertoire.

The move to build a “critical mass” of Charleston singers has been part of the business plan of South of Broadway Theatre since the organization formed in 2000, says Mary Gould, head of the nonprofit.

The workshop is part of the theater’s Opera Zone programming, which also includes lectures of Metropolitan Opera high-definition broadcasts available free at the Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street.

This is not an opera company, but an informal series of workshops, Gould stresses. Something more formal would take longer to establish.

Instead, Gould wanted to start something now and she could, because of South of Broadway’s existing infrastructure and resources.

“I wanted to make this happen quick and dirty,” Gould says. “This is not for kids. This is for serious, serious singers.”

Level of interest is sufficient enough that Gould is planning a debut concert of opera highlights on Dec. 30 at 7 p.m. Admission is free but donations are accepted. —John Stoehr