When we interviewed SUSTO and friends at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame (their former Line Street abode and center of the crew’s creative life for a time) back in May of 2015, they mentioned the scenario behind their new single, “Drug Money.” It was just one casual anecdote among the many other dramas at the house, including someone who shat on their welcome mat (Hey, did y’all ever figure that one out?). Anyway, apparently a serial tire slasher — a jealous ex-boyfriend whose former gal started hanging out at the house — had it out for one of the guys. Before it was over,  “nine or 10” tires got slashed right in their driveway. “We wrote a song about it,” Osborne said. “It gets dark.”

That it does. The track finally saw the light of day yesterday with a premiere from Consequence of Sound, and the single tells the truth about the Line Street crimes before venturing off into the dark, 26 to 95, and we’ll let you listen for yourself to fill in the rest.

Although, the CoS piece does also include a lighthearted step-by-step guide from SUSTO on how to retaliate against a tire slasher — “Remember cops are no help in these sort of issues,” “Before you go for it, write a song about how you’re going to do it,” and “Always make sure you’re dating a level-headed badass” are among the band’s words of advice.

The moral of the story, of course, is “don’t be a dick, don’t slash people’s tires.”

Check out the track here. And go see SUSTO this Saturday for their parking lot gig with Matt Monday and Esmé  Patterson at the Royal American.