Last Week Coast Records released a new track from the Terraphonics featuring local hip-hop artist Matt Monday. Titled “After the Blast,” the single is the group’s first collaboration with Monday and samples original music from the Terraphonics, which consists of Alex Kellner, Brandon Brooks, Jonathan Lovett, and Thomas Kenney. The song also features Robbie Kenney (Michael Bolton, Trans Siberian Orchestra) on string arrangement.

“The collaboration came about after I had done a few guitar sessions on Matt’s original music, recording some neo-soul guitar parts on three different songs,” Kenney says. “After our third session, we talked about music and life for bit, and I could immediately tell his tone and his flow would be perfect to match the almost fever-pitch intensity of the original version, which was released as a sort of Bonobo-esque instrumental on our last release Tarab.”

The track also samples South African composer and social activist Hugh Masakela as well as Syrian vocalist Assala Nasri.

“I called Matt to explain that the peak of the Syrian conflict had inspired the original sampling and mood, and basically told him to just speak his mind and tell the world how he feels,” Kenney says. “That’s the power of hip-hop: unapologetic truth.”

You can download the track now on Bandcamp or by pressing play above.