The CBS folks are really playing up the steamy side of Charleston in the latest trailer for Reckless, which was released late yesterday. The newest trailer actually shows a little bit more of the plot, unlike the teaser trailer that had Anna Wood and Cam Gigandet sweatily sitting on the steps of a courtroom along with a slithering snake. It was way too Adam and Eve-y for our liking.

This time, the trailer jumps right into it — and by it, we mean sex on the hood of a cop car, handcuffs included. The plot unfolds with the cop-car lass suing the Charleston Police Department for sexual harassment and defamation of character. Of course, Wood and Gigandet share some (supposedly) sexy banter and glances in between scenes of corrupt cops, explosions, and even a man having a plastic bag thrown over his head. Of course, CBS knows to tease the audience and leaves us with a shot of a shirtless Gigandet. Game on, CBS, game on. See for yourself below or here.

We’re already ashamed to admit it, but we see this becoming our summer guilty pleasure.