[image-1]Sure, hot dogs and burgers are quintessential Independence Day eats, but after a weekend of cookouts, you’ll probably be craving something a little more inventive.

NYC chef Jonathan Wu of Fung Tu will be joining chef Chelsey Conrad of Butcher & Bee next Monday (July 3) and chef Joshua Walker of Xiao Bao Biscuit next Wednesday (July 5) for Chinese-American inspired collabs.

Bronx born Chinese-American Wu reimagines dishes from pre Cultural Revolution Shanghai in his chic Lower East Side space, like dates filled with shredded duck confit dipped in buttermilk batter. Wu, who spent years training in classic French kitchens Per Se and Le Bernardin, uses this experience, along with his upbringing, to craft his menu.

The Butcher & Bee collab will focus on summer dishes, inspired by Chinese, American, Middle Eastern, and Southern fare. The dinner will be served a la carte.

Walker and Wu will team up for an evening of Dim Sum at Xiao Bao with a menu including fava beancurd terrine, pork belly egg rolls, seasonal vegetable salad with century egg, and shrimp soup dumplings. The dishes will be available on a tray, or sold individually for $5 per dish.