“If you can’t support teaching science to kids … something else is going on.”

South Carolina School Board member Fred DuBard, who voted with a majority of the board to approve a biology textbook that emphasizes the theory of evolution. “It’s almost shameful,” he said. “We’re spending so much time (talking) about whether evolution should be taught in South Carolina schools in 2008.” Source: The State


That’s the number of people taken to the hospital for injuries after a carriage horse’s bridle came loose downtown. The horse bolted down Market Street, dragging the carriage full of tourists with it until hitting a curb, sending the carriage on its side. “We’re trying to keep alive a 19th-century conveyance in 21st-century Manhattan,” Holly Cheever, one of America’s foremost equine veterinarians, told The New York Times last fall. “Horses are herbivores whose unique response to stress is to run their butts off. Because of that, in a split second you can have a horse go from being half asleep to being 1,200 pounds crashing through traffic.”

Santee Cooper does something good. Honestly. I’m not kidding.

Our coal-loving state-owned power utility has put forth a lot of talk about how they’re green in the past few months, while simultaneously pushing to build a coal-fired power plant that will release more carbon dioxide and mercury into our air and water. Now they’ve finally actually done something. Or at least they’ve made it easier for YOU to do something. The company is offering interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to put solar panels or other renewable energy-generators on your house. They’ll then purchase excess energy back from you and put it on the grid, serving their goal of generating 40 percent of their power from non-greenhouse gas emitting sources by 2020. If you’re a homeowner, contact Santee Cooper for information on getting a loan and start working today toward turning off the coal. —Stratton Lawrence

“If ISO doesn’t make some significant changes to the ranking that is there, then I think that should reflect on ISO.”

Janet Wilmoth, editorial director of Fire Chief magazine, on news that ISO, the insurance firm that rates fire protection in most states, will be in town later this month to reevaluate the Charleston department after the Sofa Super Store fire and the host of recommended changes made by an independent review team. Source: The Post and Courier


That’s the number of Congressional districts that South Carolina could have after the 2010 Census, based on annual estimates the department released late last year. Source: WIS TV


That’s the number of mailings that Rep. Henry Brown (R-S.C.) has sent out to constituents, leading the Congress. Apparently all those surveys and postcard calendars come at a price and the voters have been picking up the cost, to a tune of $177,700. Maybe next time he could just send us an e-mail. Mail from U.S. House members totaled $20.3 million. Source: The Associated Press