“Barack Obama folded your laundry.”

A new site offers a rotating collection of Obama affirmations, including that he “thinks you’re cute,” “carries a picture of you in his wallet,” and “paid your speeding ticket.” We wish! More at www.barackobamaisyournewbicycle.com.

-9 months

That’s what conservative legislators are hoping to define as the legal beginning of life as the look to protect the rights of “preborn human persons” from conception. Attorney General Henry McMaster says that it won’t impact a woman’s right to an abortion. Source: The Post and Courier

Local Officials Look to Statehouse Races

Several local leaders recently announced their plans to run for seats in the state’s House of Representatives. City Councilman Wendell Gilliard, who famously chased out a West Ashley porn shop but failed to chase out bikini-clad coeds from Marion Square, says he’ll be running for fellow Democrat Floyd Breeland’s seat representing portions of North Charleston, the peninsula, and West Ashley. Charleston County Council Chair Tim Scott, a Republican, is also looking to Columbia, announcing his plans to run for the largely Berkeley County seat being vacated by Rep. Thomas Dantzler, also a Republican. Also, Mt. Pleasant Town Councilman Joe Bustos has said he’ll campaign for Rep. Ben Hagood’s East Cooper seat. Hagood announced earlier this month that he wouldn’t be running for reelection. —Greg Hambrick


That’s the College of Charleston’s ranking among the nation’s safest schools, according to Reader’s Digest, whose reader’s were likely more interested in the nation’s safest buffet lines. Source: The Charleston Regional Business Journal


That’s the number of illegal aliens deported after a City of Charleston raid in West Ashley earlier this month.

“Charleston is a tourism area that provides cover for somebody that wants to come down here and engage in espionage.”

Former FBI Agent Mike Rogers commenting after recent charges of espionage against a Defense Department official and two others included accusations of a meeting in Charleston. Source: ABC News 4

Senators Call for Election Day bender

A bipartisan collection of state senators, spearheaded by Republicans Luke Rankin and Randy Scott, have introduced legislation that would allow liquor sales on Election Day. The law that prohibits the sale of liquor on Sundays in some areas also applies to Election Day. It’s hard to say which party is expecting a celebration and which wants a free-pour pity party. Our bet is that both parties will get a little bit of both.

Elsewhere in the Statehouse, legislators sent an employee verification bill targeting illegal immigration to conference committee while the House approved a sprinkler bill that would offer tax credits for refitting existing businesses. Gov. Mark Sanford threatened to veto any cigarette tax hike that didn’t include a comparative tax cut, and he received criticism for getting in the middle of the sale of the Port of Port Royal near Beaufort last year, possibly prompting a Senate investigation. —Greg Hambrick


That’s the new price for WiFi at Starbucks once a new deal with AT&T goes through. The new plan would offer a few hours free with a gift card purchase or $3.99 for two hours — a sizeable chunk less than what T-Mobile currently charges in the popular venti villas. We’ll probably still mooch the free WiFi from the place next door, but we appreciate the effort.

“Operation: Jose Cuervo”

That’s the code name given to a Hanahan raid on the OK Corral on Remount Road. Officials said the code name had nothing to do with the bar’s Hispanic clientele. Source: The Post and Courier