“I like how no one helps her but that one camera guy. The fashion world is like, ‘Screw you wheat thins, fall.’ ”

That’s one of the many comments on a YouTube video of the now infamous runway fall at Charleston Fashion Week. It’s appeared on E!, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The YouTube viral video hit has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Two lines, some waiting

A new two-way stretch of Rutledge Avenue was unveiled last week, the latest conversion of a busy one-way route on the peninsula into a busy bi-directional route. The city did the same thing a few years back on Wentworth and Beaufain streets, leading to gripes from West Ashley commuters who now have to sit behind left-turning traffic, thus delaying the otherwise pleasant trip … to work. Rutledge now runs two ways between Calhoun and Broad streets and will be followed by a parallel route on Ashley Avenue in a few weeks.

Two-way traffic is expected to slow motorists who now drive these routes like they’re in a Bugatti Veyron on the Autobahn instead of driving their piece-of-crap Chrysler Sebring down a narrow two-lane urban roadway. The city will next look at converting one-way tracks on Cannon and Spring streets before moving on to our favorite peninsular escape route: Coming Street. —Greg Hambrick

Wastewater Committee Says No To Private Sewer Plants

The regional Council of Government’s Special Issues Wastewater Committee recommended last week that the full council prohibit private ownership of wastewater facilities, excluding industrial sites. The private plants can be built by developers, but ownership must be turned over to a public entity. An amendment to exclude Awendaw, where developers had proposed a private plant that would serve the town’s projected growth, was voted down 8-6. Private contractors could work out a deal with a municipality to co-manage a plant, but the plan would leave the public agency ultimately responsible for the facility. —Stratton Lawrence


That’s the low-ball number of suspects in an alleged organized poker parlor sting. There have been more than 200 charges in the case involving players at private homes that police consider mini-casinos. Source: The Post and Courier

$485 million

That’s the sale price for the MeadWestvaco paper mill. New owner, Kapstone, is expected to keep the same management, same staff, and the same smell you hold your breath to avoid on the Don Holt Bridge. Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal

Barack Supporters Plan Unaffiliated Rally

It’s been a while since we got any loving from the remaining candidates for president — and the wait ain’t getting any shorter. But local supporters of Sen. Barack Obama are planning a rally at noon on April 19 in support of the Democratic presidential nominee in advance of the remaining 10 states that have yet to pick a favorite between the Illinois senator and his co-worker from New York, Sen. Hillary Clinton. The event will be at Burke High School and is expected to include well-known local and national supporters as part of “A Million Voices for Barack Obama.”

The candidate will not be attending, and the event is actually not even sanctioned by the campaign, but those grassroots supporters are getting restless about waiting ’til November to show their support. Better early than never. —Greg Hambrick

Study: Smoking Bans Spur DUI Fatalities

A new study suggests that smoking bans lead to increased drunk driving fatalities, indicating smokers will go the extra mile or 10 to find a place to get a drag and a draft. Authors Scott Adams of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Chad Cotti, currently at the University of South Carolina, had expected to find these incidents decrease.

“We thought we would see a reduction,” Adams told the Wisconsin Capital Times. “Our first thought was, ‘Throw it away, it must be wrong.'”

Either side of the argument could claim victory with these findings. Tobacco supporters may argue the bans are dangerous. But advocates could argue it just means the bans aren’t prevalent enough, spurring ordinances in new municipalities to make it too bothersome for drunk smokers to make the trip. —Greg Hambrick