Grant up for Grabs

Columbia always seems to have the best art initiatives in the state. That’s understandable, since the S.C. Arts Commission is based in the downtown part of the state capital. But Charleston artists don’t have to be jealous of their Columbia counterparts any more.

The inartistically named Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) is a decade-long, N.Y.-based project run by people who like to make puns about “LINC-ing up” and so forth. For their new initiative, the whole state of South Carolina has been invited to participate.

Typically, LINC targets cities such as Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. But in this instance, LINC’s providing support to the Arts Commission for a planning process, to try and identify key issues for the state’s artists and develop practical strategies. A $100,000, two-year match funded project grant is available to put the strategies into action.

For now, it’s up to individual artists of all disciplines to come up with ways to improve their lot and facilitate their creative work and contribute to their communities. They’re invited to convene on Tues. Aug. 28 for a day at the Olympia Learning Center in Columbia. Artists can find out more about the day and other chances to participate in the project at —Nick Smith

Kevin Taylor Puts Locals on Exhibit in ATL

Kevin Taylor’s been a busy man since he left his native city of Charleston two years ago. Shows at CBGBs, The Shooting Gallery, and Space Gallery in San Francisco have all helped boost his cachet as a contemporary artist. He has three solo exhibitions coming up in different cities (San Jose, L.A., and S.F., where he presently resides), and a feature in Juxtapoz. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots. His work still appears in occasional local shows — most recently a Free and Cheap Art Show at the Upper Deck Tavern — and he’s invited a number of local artists to exhibit in a new show he’s curating.

EastWest is on view at Youngblood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta through Sun. Aug. 26. Taylor aims to “bring folks together whom I have met amongst the different stages of my life as an artist.” These include John Pundt, Kim Alsbrooks, Fumiha Tanaka, and James Hunter, all familiar to Lowcountry artgoers, juxtaposed with artwork primarily from California.

This is one of Alsbrooks’ first showings since she moved to Philadelphia, and it’s great exposure for all of the artists associated with Taylor. The artist-run Youngblood Gallery can be reached at (404) 627-0393. See for more. —Nick Smith