“I voted for the man on the crutch.”

C.A. Gatlin, 71, of Hanahan, had that to say of his vote for Lt. Governor in last week’s run-off. The man on the crutch is incumbent André Bauer. He’ll have to learn to stand on his own to take on challenger Robert Barber in the general election.


That’s the amount of donations U.S. Rep. Henry Brown (R-Charleston) has taken from big oil since 1990. Last Wednesday, members of Move On, a political action organization, held 250 rallies — including one in Charleston — to protest the more than $190 million big oil has given to members of Congress.

“We got it, baby.”

That’s County Council Chairman Leon Stavrinakis expressing his enthusiasm over money the state infrastructure bank has provided to complete the Mark Clark Expressway. And it’s 420, baby. $420 million, that is. Who doesn’t like that number? Source: Post and Courier

Eye On I’On ·
The 42-acre property off Parsons Road in Summerville surrounding Woodlands Resort and Inn has recently been purchased by the I’On Group, best known for its namesake development in Mount Pleasant. They have also begun building a 950-unit residential project in North Charleston called the Mixson Avenue project, and are responsible for the Morris Square housing development in downtown Charleston.
The local real estate developers closed on the Woodlands deal last week. I’On has plans to build residences throughout the property.
The Woodlands Resort itself has been purchased by burgeoning hotel magnate Prem Devadas, former managing director of Kiawah Island Gold Resort, now the president of Salamander Hospitality.
Nearly two years ago Woodlands management began looking for investors to fund a $10-million expansion project which was to include a spa, more guest rooms, a second restaurant, meeting space, and retail shops. Until now, the project was yet to get off the ground. Salamander Hospitality plans to immediately begin refurbishing all of the Inn’s guest rooms and public areas and updating the technology.
“All of the players here at Woodlands will stay in place,” says Doug Lester, director of marketing and PR for Woodlands. “It is my hope that when the project is completed, people come here and are mesmerized by what they see — as they are now.”
“We understand the Woodlands is an important asset to the area,” says LeGrand Elebash, I’On’s chief operations officer. “We’re looking to do something of a high quality there that I’On Group and the town of Summerville can be proud of.” —Elle Lien


Crime sure don’t pay in South Carolina. This is the state’s national ranking in the amount per-capita spent on indigent defense, according to T. Patton Adams, executive director of the South Carolina Commission on Indigent Defense.


It also doesn’t pay to be a kid in South Carolina. The above is the national ranking for child well-being in South Carolina according to the 2006 Kids Count Databook. The state dropped two places since last year’s study.

“We’ll plot and plan and do the best we can.”

That’s Thomas “Rhymin'” Ravenel on his plans to take on Grady Patterson for State Treasurer in the general election. Rhymin’ is just how Ravenel rolls.

Folly Fare ·
The Folly Beach City Council has adopted a resolution to plan parking meters for spaces along the Washout, at the Ocean Park restroom area, and all of the 50 foot right-of-ways adjacent to the beach walkovers.
In a flyer mailed to the residents of Folly Beach, new Mayor Carl B. Backmann suggests that the city should take advantage of the tremendous growth of development and tourism on Folly, and pass the proverbial buck. “During the week there is an average of approximately 14,000 vehicles coming onto Folly daily and 18,000 on the weekends. This places a heavy burden on our Public Works and Public Safety Departments,” says the Mayor. “Statistics show that the majority of calls for public safety services, as well as most of the trash left on our beaches are caused by day-trippers and visitors to our community. Some of the cost should be borne by these individuals who, day after day, come to our community, pay nothing, use our services, and do not patronize our businesses.”
The resolution adopted by the council puts a deadline for the parking plan to be up and running no later than January 1, 2007. The plan is estimated to bring in $210,000 in revenue annually. —EL


Rep. Henry Brown (R) is one step closer to his dream of offshore oil rigs gracing our coastline. The U.S. House passed the Brown co-sponsored bill that will allow states to override the oil and natural gas drilling moratorium that has been in effect since 1981. The Senate will consider the bill this July.