“Delayed indefinitely.”

That’s the status of Lynne Spears’ book on raising her two celebrity daughters after 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears announced she was 12-weeks pregnant. We wouldn’t call it “raising” as much as “releasing to the hormonal teenage boys of the world.” Source: People.com

PETA protests drive Mepkin monks out of egg business

Just as PETA organizers were gathering at the Meeting Street Piggly Wiggly on Dec. 20 (below), protesting the sale of eggs from Mepkin Abbey, the monks announced they would phase out their egg processing.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released a video earlier this year of what they describe as mistreatment of the chickens at the Abbey, claiming the birds have no sunlight, fresh air, or “anything else that is natural and important to them,” according to a release.

Father Stan Gumula said in a statement that the Abbey would look for new ventures to sustain themselves, but lamented the loss of the chicken farm that he called “hard and honorable work” they are proud of.

One early recommendation from the City Paper Business and Enterprise Think Tank: An abbey brewery. —Greg Hambrick


That’s the number of Wando High students who pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a Food Lion armed robbery and an alleged conspiracy afterward to cover it up. Two more students are awaiting trial on more serious charges and an unrelated Subway robbery. Source: The Post and Courier


That’s how much a City of Charleston resident can expect their taxes to rise next year after the City Council approved the city’s first tax hike in nearly a decade to cover expenses related to improvements to the city’s fire department and other services.

33 percent

That’s the magic number of likely Democratic primary voters in South Carolina who support either Sens. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) or Barack Obama (Ill.), according to Rasmussen polling.

“I reached across the aisle and worked for three years with Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton in her latest New Hampshire ad, touting legislation she and Graham worked to pass giving National Guards and reserve troops health insurance. While a shout-out from Clinton is about the last thing Graham needs in front of a GOP primary, the lack of a viable opponent makes it a little less painful.


It’s a battle of the former Democratic Party chairs as Joe Erwin, who most recently vacated the job, has pledged to “actively” campaign for Sen. Barack Obama, while Don Fowler, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the husband of current chair Carol Fowler, has announced his support for Hillary Clinton.

Erwin says people are looking for a fresh perspective and openness in government. “I believe so much in Barack Obama and his message,” he says, claiming Obama can change the course of American politics. “We need a president who can really build relationships.”

Meanwhile, Fowler stresses Clinton’s experience and readiness to lead.

“As a senator, as first lady, as an exceptional attorney and caring citizen, she has honed her leadership skills,” he says. “Hillary Clinton has the political acumen and wisdom to be elected, and the compassion and good sense to be a great president.” —Greg Hambrick

“We’re obsessed with South Carolina. So much will turn on what happens here.”

Sen. Barack Obama adviser and Boston resident Samantha Power during a trip to Charleston in December.