First you have Democrat Mullins McLeod telling Republican Gresham Barrett to take his letter to President Obama and stick it where the sun don’t shine (that’s what “shove it” means after all), and now you have Barrett’s fellow GOPer Nikki Haley giving the Upstate Congressman a pimp slap. All three are seeking their respective parties’ nominations in the South Carolina gubernatorial race.

And while Haley agreed to sign Barrett’s we-don’t-need-no-Gitmo-detainees-in-S.C. letter to the president — she doesn’t want those guys here either — she wasn’t entirely supportive of Gresham’s penmanship either. Here’s what Haley said:

However, calling on candidates for Governor to join you in a letter to President Obama, rather than asking your colleagues in Congress — who are actually in a position to prevent this potentially dangerous situation — to do the same, strikes me as little more than political grandstanding.

And it gets better:

I would suggest writing another letter to President Obama that might do even more good. Please ask the President to stop using taxpayer dollars for the TARP bailout. As you were a supporter of the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, adding your voice to the chorus of conservative opposition to that continuing waste of tax dollars might actually prove helpful.

Of course, Haley’s outburst probably does very little to increase her chances at securing the Republican nom for governor. This is a race between Barrett and S.C. AG Henry McMaster. Haley has a lot of work ahead of her to catch up to these two.