[embed-1] Since joining President Donald Trump’s cabinet as U.N. ambassador on January 25, former S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has tweeted twice about her love for The Americans, an FX series about Russian intelligence officers posing as American travel agents while working as spies. The latest came yesterday when she tweeted that the New York snow made it a good day to binge watch the double agent drama.

[image-1]Now, we have no reason to assume that amounts to anything besides Haley proclaiming her affinity for yet another fixture in the zeitgeist of American pop culture. Haley has been known to post about her love for musicians like Adele, Joan Jett, and others. Since taking over as U.N. ambassador, she also posted that she watched Lone Survivor.

Allegations of Trump-Russia collusion have been dismissed, but the Trump organization has been dogged by criticism that members of the campaign and administration have interacted with foreign figures:

  • Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort resigned last summer over questions about business dealings in Russia.
  • In January, White House strategist Steve Bannon was seen getting coffee at Trump Tower with French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, a populist figure who is seen as having Trump-like disruptive potential for French politics.
  • National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned on Feb. 13 after allegedly misleading Vice President about a meeting he had with the Russian ambassador.
  • Former Trump advisor Roger Stone recently said he had a “perfectly legal back channel” with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and had an “exchange” with the hacker suspected of stealing records from the DNC.

If the ambassador enjoys The Americans, might we also suggest: The Man in the High Castle, Homeland, House of Cards, and Designated Survivor?