I’ve got nothing against Indian-Americans, but Nikki Haley scares hell out of me. As Andy Brack wrote in Statehouse Report, she’s “Mark Sanford in drag.” And now a writer is already saying that this is the decade for an Indian-American in the White House and he nominates our Nikki Haley and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal.

Maybe this is all just somebody’s fantasy, but it is a fantasy that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Read an excerpt or see the whole thing at http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2010/06/23/india-journal-special-an-indian-in-the-white-house/

An Indian-American will enter the White House this decade. That’s my prediction.

Nikki Haley’s resounding victory in yesterday’s election of a Republican candidate for governor of South Carolina heralds a trend of Indian-Americans winning big contests. If all goes according to Ms. Haley’s plan, two Indian-Americans will be U.S. governors by the end of this year: she and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal. And they will be governors in states that have arguably some of the nastiest politics in the U.S.: South Carolina and Louisiana….

Mr. Jindal and Ms. Haley have shown that Indian-Americans can succeed anywhere in the U.S. Jay Goyal is a name to watch in Ohio: He could well be the next Indian-American to become governor. And then there are the names we don’t know. The rise of the Indian-American politicians has just started. And it will end in the White House this decade. Haley-Jindal 2016, anyone?