New age “visionary” Simran Singh‘s ne’er-do-well sister, Nikki Haley, has just unveiled a bold new package to reform South Carolina government.

At the top of the list for the accused adulteress and delinquent income tax payer: Term limits for all elected officials in the General Assembly.

The Haley Administration will establish a ballot initiative to allow the voters of South Carolina to change the state Constitution in order to:

– limit the number of years served in the South Carolina House of Representatives to eight years.

– limit the number of years served in the South Carolina Senate to eight years.

– limit the total number of years served in the General Assembly to twelve years.

Government needs a constant influx of fresh faces, fresh voices, and fresh ideas. More than 25 percent of South Carolina House Members have served longer than 10 years. In the South Carolina Senate, over 50 percent have been there for more than a decade. Term limits are not designed to denigrate the service of the men and women who have given their time and energy to the state; rather, they are simply a recognition of the reality that public service is a demanding endeavor and that the people of South Carolina are best served by a legislative body that is consistently bolstered by new Members.

As you can see, Haley knows that the Gen Ass will certainly resist any and all attempts at legislation establishing term limits, so she wants to go directly to you and me, the voters.

Haley also wants on-the-record voting for legislators, capping government spending, and requiring legislators to disclose sources of income and conflict of interests, something that Haley herself is guilty of (She failed to disclose that she had received $42,500 to do consulting work for a firm that hired her because of her, um, connections in government.)

To paraphrase Doc Holliday: Nikki, your hypocrisy knows no bounds.