In his campaign announcement on Wednesday, Carroll Campbell III didn’t hold back on fellow Republican and five-term Congressman Henry Brown. We’ll have more on the early shape of this race next week, but we spoke with the Congressman late Wednesday and he was none too pleased with Campbell’s comments.

Accusations that Brown is a big-spending faux conservative hurt (Brown says he’ll defend every earmark project he brought to the 1st district), but what really stung was a comment about bums.

Campbell noted that voters (though not particularly 1st District voters) don’t like Congress, but they seem convinced that their Congressman isn’t part of the problem.

“You can’t say it is time to throw the bums out and then vote for your local politician …” Campbell said.

Brown’s response was something along the lines of Lloyd Bentsen’s “You’re no Jack Kennedy.” Brown called Campbell’s shot disrespectful and referenced Campbell’s father, former South Carolina Gov. Carroll Campbell Jr.

“His daddy wouldn’t have done that,” Brown said.