Everybody’s got one. Some old geez you befriended on Facebook because if you didn’t, that would just be dickish. Supremely dickish. And, well, your mom might find out, and she’d give you dirty looks at Thanksgiving dinner table or something.

Joe Wilson is that guy.

And tonight, you can meet up with him on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ joewilsonforcongress), watch him deliver a video response to Obama’s State of the Union speech, and then ask him a question, if you’re lucky. The time: 30 to 45 mins after Obama’s primetimer.

“Joe Wilson is using every tool at his disposal to get Washington to start listening to the American people,” said Wilson Campaign Manager, Dustin Olson. “Whether on Facebook or over coffee in South Carolina diners, Joe Wilson is taking the message of everyday Americans to Washington: ‘Stop growing government and start growing jobs.”

And stop spending so much damn time on Facebook. You’ve got work to do.