[image-1]The crowd at last night’s performance by Hot Sauce was loaded. They were taking entire six packs of Magic Hat and full bottles of wines into the studio to gear up for sketch comedy trio Hot Sauce, who’ve freelanced for Saturday Night Live and other improv theater ensembles in New York City.

Things were going well until the bit about dead celebrities and Us Weekly.

Ben Schwartz, the rangy ringleader, was hyping the audience. While projecting Photoshopped images of dead celebrities and how they “really” died last year (e.g., the late late night talk-show legend Tom Snyder with a DVD lodged in his skull), Schwartz was saying things to the effect that nothing is as authoritative as Us weekly, not even venerable sources of information obvious to any thinking person (including the men of Hot Sauce) that are clearly better than Us Weekly.

Then something unexpected happened.

Schwartz turned to the Bible. “You’ve heard of the Bible, right?” Schwartz said.

“Full of shit,” said Gil Ozeri in response.

At this point: The deafening sound of backpedaling.

“Are you still with us?” Schwartz asked. Trying to move on, he added that “by comparing Us Weekly to the Bible we are trying to show just how not authoritative Us Weekly is.”

When they finally did move on to improv segment of the show, he promised no more Bible jokes.

“You’re in the South,” a slurred voice rang out.

A helpful reminder, even if a bit tipsy.