I have a chihuahua named Killer. Lately I have been in search of the perfect dog food and have gotten on a kick of going to petsmart. So I make the trip from downtown over the bridge and through Mt. Pleasant, reading the back of every bag of dog food trying to decide which one is the healthiest and tastiest. After an hour of this I decide on one bag based on price, ingredients, name, appealing packaging and head up to the counter with my 5 pound little bag of dog food. (In our house this amount lasts a month and a half) To some this may seem ridiculous but when you have a dog sleeping in the bed with you and you wake up to endless scratching and digging throughout the night this one hour spent searching for the best dog food is worth it. From what I have heard from vets and various dog lovers is that cheap dog food is made of mostly corn which is a natural skin irritant for dogs. So I get home eager to feed my pup the new food. He eats and seems so happy for the next hour jumping around, giving me kisses, playfully throwing his bone for himself. Now it is potty time. I open the back door and he flys out like he was shot out of a cannon. So I watch him run around the backyard peeing on every tree and sniffing everything. After about 20 minutes of him trying to find the perfect place to crap he does it. I become overwhelmed with excitement Yes!!!! I think to myself, finally! Killer then kicks up dirt as if to say ” Yeah that was my doodie, I’m so cool and tough!”As I turn to go back inside I notice he has gone back over and is sniffing around where he has just done his business. I yell for him to come inside, he then looks up at me and a turd falls out of his mouth. Awesome.
– Adventures with Killer