This is an age-old rant, something EVERYONE complains about. But I’m going to say it anyway because I’ve just about ripped all my hair out.
GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE! Please, for the love of all things sacred and beautiful, get out of the left lane!
Doing the speed limit, or 5 over, doesn’t entitle you to lingering in the left lane. Believe me, there will always be someone moving faster than you. Me.
Just because you’re moving 1 mile an hour faster than the car to the right of you does not mean you need to take 10 minutes to pass them. Either speed up and get over, or slow down and get over. Let traffic get by you.
There is no difference between a multi-lane interstate (like I-26 for example) and a four lane highway (like Hwy 17). The left lane is for passing, and the right lane is for travel. If someone is turning in front of you, get to the left, THEN GET BACK OVER.
Check your mirrors! If you’re cruising along in the left lane and think, “Wow, there’s no one on the road today…,” it’s probably because they’re all stuck behind you waiting for you to stop texting, talking, eating, whatever and get the hell out of the left lane.
You may not have anywhere to be, or you may be one of those self-righteous assholes who think they’re doing the world a favor by making it difficult for people to travel faster than the posted speed limit, but I DO have somewhere to be and I DON’T need a nanny on the road. I can assure you I’m a far safer driver than you could ever be in your sluggish consciousness.
I don’t want to be the bitch in the car behind you, so please…PLEASE!…get out of the left lane and let me get by.

-A Person With Somewhere To Be