Here’s the unofficial results to this week’s survey. We’re going to keep it up over the weekend and launch the new one Monday morning. So go take it if you haven’t, or take it again if you have.

1. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal gave the GOP reaction to President Obama’s sort-of State of the Union, telling viewers that the FEMA’s response to Katrina showed the ineptitude of the federal government. Yes, that federal response was led by fellow Republican George Bush. In light of this surprising suggestion, what’s the next program to be abandoned due to Bush-era incompetence?

D. The idea that any child can succeed if you ruin enough public schools.

2. Popular radio and TV commercials for internet dating site claim that, “It’s okay to look.” When is it not okay to look?

D. When your mother pays your internet bill.

3. The City of Charleston recently announced that it would be turning the high-speed freeways known as Coming and Spring streets into pedestrian-friendly, two-way urban streets (the horror!). Now that you will have more time to kill sitting in downtown traffic, what are you going to do?

D. Update your Facebook page with cell-phone pictures of that little old lady and her walker beating you down the street.

4. U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) led a charge last week to prevent a revival of “The Fairness Doctrine,” largely an effort for balanced air time on the radio. The radio. That’s the old thing with “FM” and “AM” buttons. Liberals used to use it before they could get the latest episode of “This American Life” and “The Rachel Maddow Show” on podcast. What’s the next antiquated technology DeMint doesn’t want to share with Democrats?

D. The VHS section at Blockbuster.