Out on Folly Beach, a little sandwich shop called the ‘Wich Doctor is churning out some excellent sandwiches and Neapolitan pizza. They make most everything in-house, and the menu has a distinctively Asian bent. Krista Hines tells us her husband Jeff Butler worked with “Mama” Rose Durden at Carolina’s for years. His menu runs from pastrami and pork belly to jerk pork and smoked chicken. Asian flavors show up in the Hanoi Hoagie, which layers lemongrass beef with Vietnamese condiments and Nuoc Cham, and the Korean barbecue and kimchee.

They recently launched a weekly noodle night. Each Thursday from 6-9 p.m., they trot out a special noodle dish. It could be Asian, it could be Italian, it could be anything. Last week, they had gnocchi with sausage, peppers, and onions. Before that, it was Singapore-style crispy spring rolls with housemade satay sauce served with Szechuan-style spicy pork and green beans, onion, bean sprouts, and cilantro over egg noodles. This Thursday, Oct. 20, they’ll feature Thai slippery noodles with cilantro chile paste, pineapple, and pork. In the future, Krista says they’ll be doing pho and ramen.

Grilled cheese and soup specials change weekly too. They’ve had cup of classic corn chowder paired with a blueberry cinnamon goat cheese and prosciutto sandwich. Last week, it was maple sausage, apples, and Jarlsberg cheese served with cream of tomato soup. On Thursday, they’ll debut grilled meatloaf with rosemary goat cheese and pumpkin hummus with tomato soup.

If you haven’t tried ‘Wich Doctor yet, you should head out to 106 W. Hudson at Folly Beach and get you a taste. (843) 588-6666.