North Charleston got a little face time in this Sunday’s New York Times Travel section, and you’ll probably recognize a few of the spots they visited.

North Charleston is often tagged as the ugly cousin of South Carolina’s major port city. They could not be more different, with crime rates higher in the former and historic landmarks concentrated in the latter. But North Charleston is experiencing a makeover that is raising its profile.

Glowing endorsement, it may not be, but it’s a fair look at Charleston’s “cousin.” Scroll through the pics by Charleston wedding shooter Hunter McRae and you’ll see Park Circle hotspots The Sparrow, DIG in the Park, Cork, EVO Bakery, and South of Broadway. Truth be told, the Times didn’t highlight most of North Chuck, but it’s always good to see a familiar face in the Old Gray Lady for a good reason.

Cheers to W+F Fest’s Ashley Zink for spotting it in print: