[image-2] North Charleston police are working with the FBI and Texas state law enforcement to piece together details after a killer serving a life sentence confessed to killing a woman in the area 40 years ago.

Last year, the FBI published a list of 93 confessed crimes reportedly committed by Little, who is serving three life sentences in California for murders there and in Texas. One S.C. confession in the Charleston area had to do with a black 28-year-old female who Little reportedly killed between 1977 and 1982, leaving her body near a military base along a busy road.

Last week, North Charleston police spokesperson Karley Ash sent a request for information regarding the identity of a woman from the area that may have been Little’s victim. Ash says that police have been in touch with the FBI and Texas Rangers regarding the case.

“Investigators believe she was known to frequent the Spruill and Reynolds area of North Charleston between 1975 and 1982,” a police flyer reads.

“She could have been reported missing or found dead of unknown/suspicious circumstances” during that time, police say.

“NCPD detectives are in the process of pulling unsolved, missing, or unknown death cases with victims between 1977-1982 that fit Little’s mode of operation to see if they might be the victim of the alleged murder,” Ash told the City Paper last week.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the NCPD Tip Line at 843-607-2076.