Want to give mad props where mad props are due? The City of North Charleston is looking for nominees for Citizen of the Year. Make your nominations here.

According to a press release from the mayor’s office, the award is meant to “reinforce the activities of exceptional citizens whose service or performance positively contributes to the quality of life in North Charleston.”

A few more words on qualifications:

Nominees must possess and demonstrate a generous community spirit, prove their commitment, and display a consistent effort of positively impacting the community, thereby raising the standards of social responsibility.

In 2011, the recognition went to the Rev. Bill Stanfield, associate minister at St. Matthew Baptist Church and co-founder of the Metanoia Community Development Corporation. With Metanoia, Stanfield is involved in housing development, student leadership programs, minority contractor training, and culinary arts job training in and around the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood.