A North Charleston City Council committee will consider tonight whether to create an overlay district for the Old Village that would ultimately allow sidewalk dining in North Charleston’s main street area.

According to the draft ordinance, restaurants will have to pay a $100 yearly fee in addition to providing plans to the city that show the sidewalk dining would allow adequate pedestrian flow, provide access to building entrances, ensure pedestrian and traffic safety, and maintain the aesthetic quality of the surrounding area. Sidewalk cafes will be allowed to operate between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

A final draft of the proposed ordinance was circulated among business owners last week by Councilman Kurt Taylor, which said, “Several restrictions and limitations have been included which on balance gives a great deal of protection, while allowing for persons to enjoy the experience of outdoor dining and not unduly burdening the merchants and restaurateurs who have brought such ambience to our neighborhood.”

A subcomittee will consider the ordinance tonight Wed. July 15 at City Hall in the committee room on the first floor.