Look out Charleston: Another food truck just rolled into town. Run by brothers Brian and Jonathan Colarusso, Strada Cucina (Italian for “Street Kitchen”) opened last Monday, serving up a variety of fresh Italian sandwiches.

Jonathan, who previously spent his time working construction in North Charleston, plans to keep the truck mainly on Leeds Avenue. “There’s really no place to eat in that area unless you want fast food,” he says. “When I worked in that area, I was either skipping lunch or using my entire break to drive somewhere to get a decent meal.”

The recipes come straight from the brothers’ grandmother, a first-generation Italian raised in America. “We did a soft opening for a few weeks, testing out dishes on friends, family, and businessmen. The chicken cutlet sandwich and Chicago-style Italian beef have definitely been the two biggest hits,” Jonathan says. The duo wants to keep ingredients as local as possible, using breads exclusively from Normandy Farms. The truck keeps things fresh as well, as they don’t even own a freezer. While the truck will mostly stay in North Charleston, the brothers want to branch out eventually.

“It’s hard to park a food truck downtown, but if we can find a way, we’ll certainly do it,” Jonathan says.